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How to Buy a Motel in Canada | How to Buy a Motel in Ontario

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If i am not wrong if you are sick and tired of Motel Business Brokers and Salespersons for not giving you the information you are looking for?

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We do know the industry and the numbers. If you want the facts, so please contact us.

When you are looking to Invest in a Motel, you need to determine what is best for you whether it is a Motel lease, a Motel freehold , On Motel on Lease Hold Land, Waterfront Motel, Motel on HWY or a Midtown Motel freehold investment. We can work with you in determining what Motel is suited to both your short, and long term goals.

All Sesaoned Investor enters with an Future strategy from Motel Investment, and we believe this is an extremely important feature in the Motel you choose as an investment or part of your Investment flip. Talk to Us your plan and we work in your best interest of the Goal to Generate highest ROI & ROR.

With Our Buyer Brokerage Service we help you buy  a Motel with such great service and a clear, easy to understand & transparent service, that you will use our services to Sell your Motel when you have achieved your desired Investment strategy in a expected timeframe,  also we can help you upgrade or downgrade your investment desire based on your suitability.

We also have the services of a very experienced Mortgage Consultant in Business loans, and has a clear understanding on Motel Finance and being creative in getting deals finalised through to Banks or Private Financing. This can be a complex process and we believe, we have the best to offer as service or referal.
We do Specialize in First Time Motel Buying or Investing, and can help you for obtaining Financing related services as well.

As Your Investment team we can be of great assistance to you in success, by starting out with the first right decisions with calculated risk and due diligence to Complete the Deal.

Please contact me personally by either my Direct-line on Cell or Email to help you in the process of buying or Selling the right Motel business in your best interest.

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How to Buy a Motel in Canada | How to Buy a Motel in Ontario


Motels and hotels provide lodging to visitors, and these businesses are located in practically every city and small towns, highways and places related to travel and Leisure. Buying a motel or owning a motel can become a lucrative business. As you know not every motel may not succeed. There are lots of factors affect your plan to buy a commercial real estate and business connected to that, in other words business for living and real property as investment on the land rights. If you are thinking to buy a motel and running the accommodation business, do your inspections and diligence to determine whether this is the right business venture for you financially and emotionally, as it will involve mostly entire family except some exceptions.

  • Step 1

Hire a Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Broker Just Specialize in the same business and get pre-approved for financing based on your goals and planning with help of your real property advisor. You might need a bank loan or private loan mortgage to invest in a motel, submit your application and other required documentations (IDs, tax returns T1, T11, T4, T4A and last 3 month bank statements) and get approved for financing first and know the conditions on it as well before just jump in, as conditions are killer in some deals in mortgage financing, also make sure payment options as it can decide your cash flow and business growth indirectly.

  • Step 2

Drive and Go with an honest advisor to the business of your choice and plan an overnight stay to help you assess the quality of the motel and the vicinity, try to figure out if any foul play yourself. Motels that offer poor service and uncomfortable accommodations or those with a bad reputation will not be great options to think. Also just because the staff is arrogant you might not consider the investment is not viable, it’s just temporary situation it potentially can reverse as well.

  • Step 3

Visit the city/town planning office. Know your options, zoning and upcoming amendments and expropriations before signing an agreement of purchase on a motel. In short, speak with someone in the city/town planning office to find out plans for the area or roadways close to the motel. Upcoming road expansions or construction projects can have an impact on future business dearly, and ruin your plan.

  • Step 4

If possible Ask for financial statements from Seller. As a potential buyer of the property, you can request to review the motels financial records from the past three years. It must be in Notice to Reader Format from Registered Accountant Firm, These documents will disclose occupancy information, operating expenses and income posted in the fiscal year, available fund after pay down the debt the current owner have for the R.O.I., if cash flow is positive or negative.

  • Step 5

It is very important to know your competition businesses and its doings. To grow a successful motel business, staying competitive is very important & key factor. Do a think worthy research on other hotels and motels in the area. Obtain information on average occupancy rates, reputation and accommodation, tax credits available to business and more info. thru business operators if they can share with you.

  • Step 6

Always Use Licensed Real Estate Agent Service and Negotiate a price and entire agreement of purchase.
Just in case if any concerns, inform the Real Estate Agent to have conditions accordingly for purchase,
Based on information received from your own analysis and your professional Realtor’s advice in respect to and of the competition, the city planning office and the physical Inspection done by a certified property inspector, offer a fair price for the property.
It is highly recommended that:  if you are buying/ selling first time Work with your licensed broker and/or Realtor to determine a price and other related services for real estate acquisition or disposition
the current motel owner will either accept or submit a counteroffer. Include in your offer a clause that states "subject to obtaining satisfactory financing”, "subject to satisfactory inspection."

  • Step 7

Hire a Certified Property Inspector, and Get the property properly and thoroughly inspected. Buying a motel involves being responsible for repairs, maintenance and other unexpected expenses after the closing the deal/purchase. Have a right professional check the property to ensure areas such as the electricity, plumbing and structure are safe, as per current regulations and standards and functioning properly. Inspectors can also provide an estimated cost for repairs. Proceed with the purchase if the motel doesn't need extensive repairs, or ask the current owner to make repairs before the deal closing date thru Real Estate Agent Services.

  • Step 8

Closing the deal!!

High Five!! Kudos!! Voila!! Cheers!!

SO SORRY & NOT REALLY ……………………….

Make sure with your real estate and mortgage agent along with Real Property Lawyer you hired, as all planning to buy a motel went as planned or need to do follow up?  
Forward this webpage or article to your family or friend or refer to us
we are here to help you succeed your “Buy a Motel” plan as follows:

Article Prepared by:
Vijay Gandhi,
Licensed Real Estate Professional and Licensed Mortgage Professional

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